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Преподавателям и Студентам, медицинских наук

Mike Davis, Kirsty Forrest,
"How to Teach Continuing Medical"
English | 2010 | ISBN-10: 1405153989 | 142 pages

This volume in the concise "How To" series explores the foundations and principles of continuing education of professionals and then relates these to the practice of teaching the various modalities used in CME. The areas covered include experiential learning, group dynamics, situated learning and reflective practice – and make these understandable for all health professionals tasked with teaching continuing medical education. An ideal introduction to teaching for clinical instructors.

Chris Smith, Darryl Meeking,
"How to Succeed at the Medical Interview"
English | 2008 | ISBN-10: 1405167297 | 136 pages

Doctors are likely to undergo several interviews of different types during their career, and this new title in the popular ′How to′ series aims to guide the medical professional through the steps necessary to thoroughly prepare for this competitive process. Contents include: Discussion of the different types of medical interview How to prepare for interview How to optimise your performance Information about common questions and how best to answer them Information about knowledge–based questions currently asked Coverage of questions that test generic skills and how to answer them How to prepare for competency–based assessments and tasks. An ideal companion for all health professionals faced with an interview, How to Succeed at the Medical Interview will assist in building confidence and ensuring that candidates are as thoroughly prepared as possible.

Jenny V. Freeman, Stephen J. Walters,
"How to Display Data"
English | 2008 | ISBN-10: 1405139749 | 120 pages

Effective data presentation is an essential skill for anybody wishing to display or publish research results, but when done badly, it can convey a misleading or confusing message. This new addition to the popular How to series explains how to present data in journal articles, grant applications or research presentations clearly, accurately and logically, increasing the chances of successful publication.

Nicola Cooper, Kirsty Forrest,
"Essential Guide to Educational Supervision in Postgraduate Medical Education"
English | 2009 | ISBN-10: 1405170719 | 182 pages |

The world of postgraduate medical education is changing, and educational supervisors need the knowledge and skills to be able to do their job effectively. Many of those who want to do this job well feel unprepared for the task. Essential Guide to Educational Supervision is a handbook for educational supervisors everywhere. The topics covered are generic to medical education, whatever the specialty. Although the focus is on postgraduate medical education, many of the topics in this book are also applicable to undergraduates. Essential Guide to Educational Supervision is written for: Consultants and General Practitioners who work with trainees Educational supervisors People who organise postgraduate training programmes Written by experts in their field, each chapter gives an overview of key topics in educational supervision with references and further resources. The book provides evidence and theory when applicable, but is deliberately practical, with case studies and tips for good practice as well.
Страницы: Пред. 1 2 3 4 5 6
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