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Гематология, Трансфузиология, детская и взрослая

Tiziano Barbui, Ayalew Tefferi
Myeloproliferative Neoplasms: Critical Concepts and Management
Published: 2012-03-24 | ISBN: 3642249884 | 248 pages
Myeloproliferative neoplasms (MPNs) are clonal stem cell diseases that, under the World Health Organization classification, are subcategorized into eight clinicopathologic entities. The current book focuses on three of these categories: polycythemia vera, essential thrombocythemia, and primary myelofibrosis. A number of important questions regarding the diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment of these diseases have arisen following the discovery of the JAK2 V617F mutation in the majority of patients with bcr/abl-negative MPNs. This book comprises evidence-based reviews and expert consensus results. It offers comprehensive coverage of relevant laboratory and clinical advances and places great emphasis on the practical issues that challenge physicians in their daily practice. The main topics considered thus include contemporary diagnostic approaches, the value and limitations of mutation screening for diagnostic and prognostic purposes, risk stratification in terms of both survival and other disease complications such as leukemic transformation and thrombosis, and modern therapeutic strategies, including conventional drugs, allogeneic stem cell transplantation, and experimental drugs still under study. The reader will find Critical Concepts and Management Recommendations in Myeloproliferative Neoplasms to be an invaluable and up-to-date source of information from leading authorities in the field.

Transfusion Medicine, 3 edition 

Jeff McCullough
2012 | 608 Pages | ISBN: 144433705X

Transfusion Medicine offers a concise, clinically focused and practical approach to this important area of medicine.
This well-known handbook presents the experience of a world leader in the field of blood banking and transfusion therapy. Transfusion Medicine offers complete guidance on the full range of topics from donor recruitment, blood collection and storage, to testing and transfusing blood components, complications and transmissible diseases, as well as cellular engineering, therapeutic apheresis, and the role of hematopoietic growth factors.

This third edition includes updated information on a number of areas including:
  • Current debate on clinical effects of stored red blood cells

  • Emerging infectious diseases and impact on blood safety

  • New concepts of massive transfusion

  • World blood supply

  • Platelet transfusion

  • Pathogen inactivation
Transfusion Medicine will be valuable to all those working in the field of blood banking and transfusion. It is a good introduction to transfusion for hematology or oncology fellows and technologists specialising in blood banking.

Transfusion Medicine Made Easy For Students of Biomedical Science, Allied Medical Sciences and Medicine
Osaro Erhabor and Teddy Charles Adias
InTeOp | 2012 | ISBN: 9535105237 9789535105237 | 312 pages

This basic text is intended to optimise the training and practice of transfusion medicine in developing countries particularly in sub- Saharan Africa. It is aimed at improving the knowledge and skills of allied medical and medical students, and other healthcare professionals involved in blood transfusion, empowering them to offer the best possible blood transfusion services to their patients.

This book is suitable not only for allied medical and medical students preparing for their examination in transfusion medicine but also for postgraduates preparing for examination in general medicine, haematology and transfusion science.

1. History of Blood Transfusion
2. Antigen and Antibody
3. Blood Group Systems and ABO groups
4. Anticoagulation and Preservation in Transfusion
5. Blood Donation Testing
6. Apheresis Principle and Practice
7. Blood Component Preparation
8. Challenges of Blood Transfusion in Africa
9. Blood Donation and Donor Types
10. Advantages of Autologous Blood over Allogeneic Blood
11. Transfusion Transmissible Infectious Diseases
12. Complications of Blood Transfusion
13. Investigation of Blood Transfusion Reactions
14. Compatibility Testing
15. Red Blood Cells Alloimmunisation
16. HDFN and Management of Rh Negative Pregnancies
17. Transfusion Alternatives and Exemplary Stewardship in the Management of Blood and Blood Product
18. Blood Components Therapy
19. Management of Major Haemorrhage
20. Storage Conditions, Shelf Life Indication and Mode of Transfusion
22. Fractionated Plasma Products
23. Rhesus Blood Group System
24. Lewis Blood Group System
25. MNS Blood Group System
26. Kell Blood Group System
27. Duffy Blood Group System
28. Kidd Blood Group System
29. Bg Antibodies
32. Lutheran Blood Group System
33. Minor Blood Group Systems
34. Complement
35. The Antiglobulin Test
36. Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)
37. Principle of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and Its Application in Transfusion
38. Quality Issues in Transfusion Medicine
39. Management Review Meetings in the Transfusion Laboratory
40. Standard Operating Procedure
41. Incident Reporting Procedure in Transfusion
42. Laboratory Techniques and Transfusion Sample Requirements
43. Principle of Informed Consent in Transfusion Medicine
44. Stem Cell Transplantation
45. Alkaline Denaturation Test

Victor Hoffbrand, Paul Moss, John Pettit

"Essential Haematology (5 edition)"
English | ISBN: 1405136499 | edition 2006

Essential Haematology is established as the most authoritative introduction to the subject for bioscience and medical students, junior doctors, laboratory scientists and nurses. Beautifully presented, it introduces the formation and function of blood cells and diseases that arise from dysfunction and disruption of these processes. Basic science, diagnostic tests and clinical features and management are all easily explained.

The 5th edition has been reorganized to increase the focus on discrete disorders to show the increased understanding of the causation of blood disorders and improved diagnostic techniques and clinical management. A new standardized approach to describing disease and management has also been introduced. The authors' engaging style and inviting presentation continue to make Essential Haematology the perfect learning and reference text.

L. Heilmeyer
"Atlas of Clinical Hematology"
ISBN: 354021013X | edition 2004 | 434 pages
From the reviews of the sixth edition: "With over 1000 illustrations … the 6th revised edition … covers the whole spectrum of haematology. … The quality of the illustrations and the clarity of the accompanying texts make the Atlas a valuable companion to the haematology and oncology professions."

"Hematological Complications in Obstetrics, Pregnancy, and Gynecology"
Rodger L. Bick, Eugene P. Frenkel, William F. Baker, Ravi Sarode

English | 2006-05-15 | ISBN: 052183953X | 619 pages

There are many hematological complications associated with obstetrics, pregnancy and gynecology, and unfortunately, they often lead to significant morbidity or mortality for both mother and child. As the first comprehensive reference on all aspects of hematological complications of obstetrics, pregnancy and gynecology this book will be a valuable resource to hematologists, obstetricians, gynecologists, reproductive medicine specialists, internists, anesthesiologists and others. The chapters are written by acknowledged experts in the field, and for each condition covered the etiology, pathophysiology, clinical and laboratory diagnosis and management are discussed where appropriate.

Sheryl Whitlock
"Immunohematology for Medical Laboratory Technicians"
De mar Cen age | 2009 | ISBN: 1435440331 | 292 pages

Immunohematology for Medical Laboratory Technicians covers the principles of component transfusion; hazards of transfusion; blood group systems with emphasis on ABO and Rh systems; and methods for immunohematologic testing. It is written for laboratory science students and professionals. Each chapter provides detailed technical information interspersed with interactive and critical thinking activities to enhance the learning process. Material within the text begins with basic concepts in the early chapters and moves to application of this material in later chapters.

Douglas C. Tkachuk, Jan V. Hirschmann

Wintrobe's Atlas of Clinical Hematology
English | ISBN: 0781770238 | 2006-11-15 | 368 pages

Featuring over 400 brilliantly sharp, high-resolution diagnostic digital photomicrographs combined with concise, clinically oriented text, this full-color atlas is a comprehensive pictorial guide to diagnostic hematology. Tied to the classic and world-renowned textbook Wintrobe's Clinical Hematology, this brand-new atlas enables physicians to see and readily comprehend diseased tissues and understand the complex assays routinely used in the care of patients with hematologic diseases.

Bruce D. Spiess, Richard K. Spence, Aryeh Shander
Perioperative Transfusion Medicine (2nd edition)
Published: 2005-12-14 | ISBN: 0781737559 | 750 pages

Thoroughly updated for its Second Edition, this volume is the most comprehensive, current reference on perioperative transfusion medicine and coagulation. It provides complete information on all current blood products and transfusion risks, transfusion and coagulation issues during the preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative periods, and specific concerns in each surgical subspecialty. Eighteen new chapters in this edition cover blood shortages, economic concerns, emergency needs, virus transmission, parasitic and septic risks, immunosuppression risks, non-infectious risks, production and storage issues, hemoglobin-based oxygen-carrying solutions, perfluorocarbon-based oxygen-carrying solutions, preoperative plateletphoresis, volume resuscitation, antifibrinolytics, aprotinin, DDAVP, platelet inhibitors, burn patients, and post-surgical stress response.

J. Michael Dixon
"ABC of Breast Diseases"
English | 2006 | ISBN: 0727918281 | 120 pages

 Covers all the recent advances in screening, helping with the assessment of symptoms, prognosis and treatments of breast diseases

Breast diseases are becoming more and more common and health professionals in almost every field will probably come into contact with a patient who has a breast disorder. This third edition provides an account of the current knowledge on benign and malignant breast conditions and the treatment of them.

It covers all the recent advances in screening and adjuvant treatment, including the new aromatase inhibitor clinical trials and improvements in metastatic disease treatment. New chapters on prognosis and clinical trials have also been added.

Edited and written by experts in the field, this book appeals to a wide readership including general practitioners, practice nurses, breast care nurses, surgeons or oncologists in training, and medical students. It contains such a wealth of knowledge it will also be a valuable source of information for established breast surgeons and oncologists.

Helping to assist the assessment of symptoms, prognosis and treatments of breast diseases.

"Leukemia" ed. by Margarita Guenova and Gueorgui Balatzenko
InTeOpP | 2013 | ISBN: 9535111276 9789535111276 | 252 pages

The objective of this book is to provide the specialists involved in the diagnosis and management of acute and chronic leukemias with a comprehensive and concise information on some important theoretical and practical issues of the biology and clinical presentation, the diagnosis, treatment and follow up of patients with leukemias.

1 Genetics of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia
2 Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in Children
3 Acute Leukemia Clinical Presentation
4 Therapy-Related Acute Myeloid Leukemias
5 Treatment of Myelodysplastic Syndrome and Acute Myeloid Leukemia by Immunomodulatory and Epigenetic Drugs
6 Minimal Residual Disease and Leukemic Stem Cells in Acute Myeloid Leukemia
7 Modern Therapy of Chronic Myeloid Leukemia

Kandice Kottke-Marchant, Bruce Davis, "Laboratory Hematology Practice"
2012 | ISBN-10: 140516218X | 776 pages |

 Expertly edited and endorsed by the International Society for Laboratory Hematology, this is the newest international textbook on all aspects of laboratory hematology. Covering both traditional and cutting-edge hematology laboratory technology this book emphasizes international recommendations for testing practices. Illustrative case studies on how technology can be used in patient diagnosis are included. Laboratory Hematology Practice is an invaluable resource for all those working in the field.

Marion Reid, "The Blood Group Antigen FactsBook, 3rd edition"
English | ISBN: 0124158498 | 2013 | 750 pages |

 The "Blood Group Antigen FactsBook" has been an essential resource in the hematology, transfusion and immunogenetics fields since its first publication in the late 1990s. The third edition of "The Blood Group Antigen FactsBook" has been completely revised, updated and expanded to cover all 32 blood group systems. It blends scientific background and clinical applications and provides busy researchers and clinicians with at-a-glance information on over 330 blood group antigens, including history and information on terminology, expression, chromosomal assignment, carrier molecular description, functions, molecular bases of antigens and phenotypes, effect of enzymes/chemicals, clinical significance, disease associations and key references. It includes over 330 entries on blood group antigens in individual factsheets. It offers a logical and concise catalogue structure for each antigen in an improved interior design for quick reference. It is written by 3 international experts from the field of immunohematology and transfusion medicine.
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